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Contact Information

Use personal numbers only for urgent messages after hours, such as calling out sick. When calling out sick, please also leave a message for the office so everyone is on the same page. For non-urgent messages please wait until next school day.


   Children's House              (925) 689-4535

   Junior Elementary           (925) 827-9274

   Advanced Elementary    (925) 689-1146


  Main               (925) 689-6910

   KL Cell             (925) 381-0530

   KLM Cell         (925) 876-3789

   Brie Cell          (925) 437-4750

Head Teachers

   Daniela      (925) 826-7176

   Neysa         (925) 876-5142

   Sannah      (503) 686-9015


    Junior Elementary              

   Advanced Elementary       


   Pictures for the Parent Hub

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