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Children's House (2 Years Old Through Kindergarten)


In the Children’s House, our Montessori curriculum takes advantage of a child’s sensitive periods—those times when there is a readiness to learn a specific skill.

Children learn these skills through their senses, so our classroom is carefully designed to allow them to explore and name the sizes, shapes, colors, textures, scents and sounds of their environment. As they organize, order and sort objects, they prepare their hands and minds for reading, writing, and mathematics.

“Help me to do it myself” is the goal of children in a Montessori classroom. Through Practical Life activities—pouring milk, washing tables, buckling buckles—they gain independence. They take pride in being able to do these tasks by themselves and develop confidence to tackle other challenges.

When children begin to show an interest in letters and numbers, colorful beads and natural wood materials provide hands-on opportunities to explore language and math. Puzzle maps, books, and artifacts from around the world pique their curiosity about the wider world.

Children select materials they wish to work with, and they are encouraged to complete each activity. In this way, children develop an inner sense of how to approach work, balancing discipline with creativity.

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