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Junior Elementary (1st Through 3rd Grade)


Beginning at around the age of six, children are ready to use their imaginations to explore their expanding world. We present lessons that strike their imaginations and compel the children to dig deeper for more information.


Through the use of hands-on materials, students in the Junior Elementary make the connection between concrete objects and abstract concepts. In studying the classification of animals, and the common needs of people around the world and through history, they discover their own place in the world.

This is also a time of greater social awareness and learning to be part of a community, developing responsibility, time management skills and compassion for others.

In both elementary classrooms, we use individualized instruction to help students learn for themselves. We encourage them to go as far as they want in learning about a subject. Students also participate in group lessons and experience the satisfaction of cooperative work. Specialty classes in art, music, Spanish, and physical education are woven into the curriculum to create a well-balanced educational program.

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