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Concordia History

Established 1973.

The Concordia School was founded by Jody Kresge, who envisioned a place where “children learn how to learn… learn how to live… and learn how to be accomplished in things of both the heart and mind.”

Jody held meetings in the community and found a dedicated group of parents who were excited to bring Montessori education to Concord. This same enthusiasm has continued in the families who participate in the life of the Concordia School today.

We have been in the same location for over 45 years, in houses that Jody and her father converted into a school. From the white picket fences to the flowers growing in the garden, we create a home-like environment for children.

As a Step 6 Member on the Pathway of Continuous School Improvement of the American Montessori Society, all of our head teachers are Montessori training-certified.

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