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River & Jedy picked up trash
in their neighborhood!

Nova & Acacia put up owl bird feeders
to feed the birds in their yard!

Ways we've 



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Olivia picked up trash over the weekend!

Reggie baked chocolate chip
cookies for her dentist's office!

River & Jedy wrote letters
to deployed veterans!

Gaiathri helped sweep up!

Nova cooked a delicious dinner for their
family & Acacia set a fancy table!

Chris & Ian picked up a whole bag of
garbage in their neighborhood!

 Elon has been doing lots of acts kindness for the construction workers at his house and for his family! (They are remodeling.)  He has collected nails with a magnet fishing pole he made and built walkways with scrap wood so the contruction workers could get around without too much mud.  He also built a table for himself and Zoey to have snacks and meals and helped build and decorate a bench for his mom. 

Alkaios gave the money he was saving for Legos to the school! Parents matched it 20fold.

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